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Burrow Press Review "The Line." March 2022.

The Normal School "The Runaway Restaurant." November 2020.


The Spectacle "Inorganic Daughters." December 2018.

Wigleaf - "Preservation." August 2018.

Winner of the Mythic Picnic Prize in Fiction

Joyland Magazine - "Biohack." June 2018.

Juked - "The Weatherman's Heart." May 2018.

Reprinted in Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions 2019

SmokeLong Quarterly - "Princess Shipwreck." December 2017.

The Conium Review - "Split-Level." January 2017.

Finalist for the 2016 Flash Fiction Contest

Reprinted in Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions 2018

The Writing Disorder - "The Spoiled Child." September 2016.

Lunch Ticket - "Rivka." Winter 2015.

 R.kv.r.y Quarterly - "Moonlight Sonata." July 2015.


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - "Upstairs." Forthcoming.

Southern Indiana Review - "Wonder in her Wake." Fall 2021.

Pleiades - "Domestication." Fall 2021.

Sinister Wisdom - "#InMemoriam" and "Thou Shalt Ride All the Dinosaurs." April 2021.

Storm Cellar - "Ernest Tanaka Seeks God in a Variety of Places." February 2021.

The Cincinnati Review - "Night Shift." June 2020.

Hunger Mountain - "Five Against Misfortune." April 2020.

Foglifter - "Acceptance." April 2020.

Hayden's Ferry Review - "Others Like You." August 2019.

Cream City Review - "All You Can Eat." February 2019.

The Carolina Quarterly - "Haunting Grounds." November 2018.

2nd-place "Wake, and Dream Again" contest judged by Daniel Wallace

PRISM International - "What Do You Dream?" October 2018.

The Cossack Review - "Runners." Winter 2016.

Finalist for the October Prize

Clockhouse - "Search and Rescue." December 2016.

Mosaic Art & Literary Magazine - "Edie" and "The Babysitter." June 2015.




Hobart "A Lesbian's Guide to Loving Major League Baseball." October 2020.



Necessary Fiction - The Bitter Kind by Tara Lynn Masih and James Claffey. October 2020.

Necessary Fiction - Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins by Janalyn Guo. June 2019

The Masters Review - The Comedown by Rebekah Frumkin. May 2018.

The Masters Review - Self-Portrait with Boy by Rachel Lyon. February 2018

Indiana Review - Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado. October 2017

Indiana Review - Of This New World by Allegra Hyde. January 2017

Indiana Review - Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta. August 2016

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