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Zooscape - "The Four Sharks of the Apocalypse." August 2023.

CRAFT - "There Are Hundreds of Beautiful Asian Women Waiting to Meet You." February 2023.

Burrow Press Review "The Line." March 2022.

The Normal School "The Runaway Restaurant." November 2020.


The Spectacle "Inorganic Daughters." December 2018.

Wigleaf - "Preservation." August 2018.

Winner of the Mythic Picnic Prize in Fiction

Joyland Magazine - "Biohack." June 2018.

Juked - "The Weatherman's Heart." May 2018.

Reprinted in Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions 2019

SmokeLong Quarterly - "Princess Shipwreck." December 2017.

The Conium Review - "Split-Level." January 2017.

Finalist for the 2016 Flash Fiction Contest

Reprinted in Wigleaf Top 50 Very Short Fictions 2018

The Writing Disorder - "The Spoiled Child." September 2016.

Lunch Ticket - "Rivka." Winter 2015.

 R.kv.r.y Quarterly - "Moonlight Sonata." July 2015.


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction - "Upstairs." September/October 2023.

Southern Indiana Review - "Wonder in her Wake." Fall 2021.

Pleiades - "Domestication." Fall 2021.

Sinister Wisdom - "#InMemoriam" and "Thou Shalt Ride All the Dinosaurs." April 2021.

Storm Cellar - "Ernest Tanaka Seeks God in a Variety of Places." February 2021.

The Cincinnati Review - "Night Shift." June 2020.

Hunger Mountain - "Five Against Misfortune." April 2020.

Foglifter - "Acceptance." April 2020.

Hayden's Ferry Review - "Others Like You." August 2019.

Cream City Review - "All You Can Eat." February 2019.

The Carolina Quarterly - "Haunting Grounds." November 2018.

2nd-place "Wake, and Dream Again" contest judged by Daniel Wallace

PRISM International - "What Do You Dream?" October 2018.

The Cossack Review - "Runners." Winter 2016.

Finalist for the October Prize

Clockhouse - "Search and Rescue." December 2016.

Mosaic Art & Literary Magazine - "Edie" and "The Babysitter." June 2015.




Hobart "A Lesbian's Guide to Loving Major League Baseball." October 2020.



Necessary Fiction - The Bitter Kind by Tara Lynn Masih and James Claffey. October 2020.

Necessary Fiction - Our Colony Beyond the City of Ruins by Janalyn Guo. June 2019

The Masters Review - The Comedown by Rebekah Frumkin. May 2018.

The Masters Review - Self-Portrait with Boy by Rachel Lyon. February 2018

Indiana Review - Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado. October 2017

Indiana Review - Of This New World by Allegra Hyde. January 2017

Indiana Review - Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta. August 2016

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